We're really good at Node.js and HTML 5.

Balderdash is a cohesive team of web and mobile innovators based out of Austin, Texas. We combine strong user experience design with cutting-edge technology to build better products in a matter of weeks, not months. We are also behind Sails.js, the open-source framework which allows front-end developers to build robust, scalable APIs using only JavaScript.
Sails.js is rapidly becoming the most popular open-source backend framework for Node.js, dramatically simplifying the complexity of creating everything from traditional Rails-like web apps, realtime chat, and enterprise-friendly service oriented architectures (SOAs)-- all powered with Node.js. No foolin'.
We see a world where non-blocking, horizontally scalable, WebSocket-compatible server infrastructures aren't just easy to build-- they're a commodity. That means developers focus on the application experience, and less on the plumbing.



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