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Sensefinity 849
Sensefinity gives Senses and Memory to Machines
We connect the physical world with your IT, creating the Internet of Things. Via our simple to use, inexpensive sensor-platform and our scalable cloud-platform we can find fast and easy ways to integrate machine-data into today's IT systems to uncover hidd ...

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Sensefinity 849
Sensefinity gives Senses and Memory to Machines
We connect the physical world with your IT, creating the Internet of Things. Via our simple to use, inexpensive sensor-platform and our scalable cloud-platform we can find fast and easy ways to integrate machine-data into today's IT systems to uncover hidd ...
Slack 561
Team communication re-imagined
Slack is a platform for team communication: everything in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go. ...
Faithbox 380
Enabling religious and personal growth through technology
Faithbox is a monthly subscription box filled with materials and products to help Christian individuals build their faith and strengthen their relationship with God and other people. Boxes contain a combination of weekly cards which contain reflections or ...
#nomads 354
A chat community for digital nomads
Allows users to connect with other digital nomads via #nomads on Slack. Schedule a meet up and exchange information about various destinations. ...
Braavoo 177
Quick meaningful feedback to employees
Boost employee engagement through instant recognition. Allow for a quick and easy method of giving employees meaningful feedback. ...
Conspire 137
An app that analyzes all your connections to determine the best path of meeting a person.
Conspire tells you exactly how to get the best introduction to whoever you want to meet — a customer, employer or investor. By analyzing email data, we understand who knows each other and how well. We score each relationship to recognize the difference be ...
AeroMobil 3.0 129
Newest model of the sexiest flying car
Glympse 111
Your Location, Your Friends, Your Terms
Glympse is a location technology company that has developed a mobile application that allows individuals to share their whereabouts in real-time. ...
CryptoGamr 109
Microtransaction Tournament Platform for Gamers
My startup is currently developing a microtransaction tournament platform that allows gamers to compete for bitcoin. Our proprietary matchmaking software facilitates user-created challenges in popular online games. Users first purchase credits using bitcoi ...
Startup Equity Calculator 108
Figure out how much equity to grant new hires in seconds.
CodeCombat 100
Starcraft for programmers.
We are building an online, multiplayer programming game that discovers and vets developers. Players show up to the site, select a team to play against, write algorithms, and are ranked in real time on leaderboards. ...
Netcurate 72
Flipboard for brand content managers
Netcurate allows a team to build a visually appealing branded magazine - by leveraging existing content from Internet as well as their own original content. We make content relevant, engaging and interactive!. We are Flipboard for Brands!. ...
Enterprise Philanthropy and Employee Volunteering Software
Causecast offers an engaging, web-based solution designed to increase employee participation in your workplace volunteering and corporate giving programs. Manage it all with a simple-to-use, secure and customizable website. Track and report your company's ...
Startuplister 59
SaaS for startup directory submission
Startuplister ( helps you generate traffic and exposure by manually submitting your startup to directories, review sites, & industry blogs ...
Linkies 45
Capture the conversation.
Linkies is an online platform that lets users collect social content from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, and Tumblr; while providing a wide variety of tools that make it easy to get the most out of the social web. By aggregating user-generated cont ...
enythings 41 allows you to share, discover & compare websites. People share their favourite websites, create and share boards, and get personalised websites. Enythings organises websites in a more visual and categorised way. Companies (or individuals) can ...
Streak 39
CRM in your inbox.
Streak lets you manage customers, sales, email support, bug tracking and hiring all inside of Gmail. Customers are using Streak to manage all their business processes from where they do their work - their email. Streak is deeply integrated into the email ...
Talkray 39
Messaging and Calling App
We are a rapidly growing company that is building the next generation of communication software. Our two apps, TiKL - Touch To Talk and Talkray have exceeded 40 million downloads. Both apps are available on Android and iOS. Our mission is to change the way ...
Plum (Formerly Ube) 37
The "Nest" of lighting. Control your lights from your smartphone.
Control Your Lights and Appliances From Your Smartphone Plum is the Nest of lighting. Our Wi-Fi enabled lightpad is the first product of it's kind. Competitively priced and easy to install, it provides the convenience of controlling your lights from your ...
IrisVR 34
3D Designs in Virtual Reality
IrisVR displays 3D models in a virtual reality headset to allow architects, designers, and students to fully inhabit their digital creations. Current methods for displaying and interacting with three dimensional space fail to immerse the user within the mo ...
membees 30
Cross-website online shopping assistant
membees is a cross-website online shopping assistant that allows us to organize all our shopping activities - across any website - in one single place. To help us discover the best deals, membees provides recommendations for the most popular services the c ...
LearnZillion 29
Equipping teachers for success with high quality content and a collaborative PD platform
LearnZillion blends technology and instruction to offer a revolutionary digital curriculum created for and by teachers. Our rigorous, visual, and easy to use products are built directly from the new standards to help teachers become more effective instruct ...
Earlyclaim 28
We reserve your username in new startups and give to new startups early adopters ...
Userlike 26
Userlike is live chat software that allows your website visitors to connect with your service operators in the moment of greatest need - when a question pops up while browsing your product pages. Userlike raises customer satisfaction and conversion rates b ...
StoriesOnBoard 25
StoriesOnBoard is a tool where you can break down your ambitious goals into tangible pieces. Then you can create a roadmap for reaching your goals by identifying the tasks that move toward them the most. By creating a story map you’ll be able to see the bi ...
How To Start A Startup 25
YC Stanford Class as an Audio Podcast Available on iTunes
Cushion 25
Project planning & managing for designers / devs (paid beta)
Teamstory 23
Teamstory is a community for entrepreneurs and startups to share and discover their startup journey. On Teamstory, users can share their startup moments, culture, thoughts, quotes and questions to the like-minded people around the globe. Teamstory hopes to ...
reQwip 23
Buy and sell sports gear P2P using a mobile and web app.
reQwip is creating a trusted, P2P mobile and web marketplace for buying and selling new and used sports gear. Our MVP is focused on cycling, triathlon and outdoor adventure sports gear in Austin, TX. Think of reQwip as a "P2P marketplace for pre-owned REI ...
Centrallo 22
Centrallo is a productivity tool that helps people organize, centralize, prioritize and share information. Short for “Central Location,” Centrallo is a better way to manage your personal and professional life. Problem Productivity tools today don’t let p ...
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