Subscription access to anything with Slack

Over a 1/3rd of the US workforce is now participating in the freelance economy, most of which is happening online. These numbers are even more striking globally and are projected to grow.
Although it's possible to reach huge numbers using traditional social media, it's still incredibly challenging to both monetize and deeply engage those 1000 true fans.
The tools just haven't caught up to properly support this new generation of influencers and content creators online. The existing solutions are inflexible, costly, and complex. For example:
-Facebook pages don't let users monetize their audience, and are full of distractions
-Existing membership platforms are usually built as an afterthought to blogging software, are complex and often require hiring costly programmers, and designers
-Forums have been rapidly losing engagement for years and don’t support real time communication
-Patreon, while an excellent platform to help content creators monetize, is rigid and does a poor job of supporting community and direct engagement.
To address this problem we're leveraging Slack.
Slack is a massively popular team communication and collaboration tool that is rapidly proving itself as a better community platform.
With it's open architecture and flexibility it is the perfect foundation to create the ultimate subscription membership platform. Finally putting content creators in control of monetization while directly connecting them with their community.


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