Next-generation Cancer Screening

Freenome is a technology company developing proprietary algorithms and novel methods to enable accurate diagnosis of clinical conditions. Our platform utilizes the power of next-generation sequencing to bring about the dream of non-invasive, accurate and early detection of cancer...from 1 mL of blood.
Diagnosis of cancer is currently a long, costly and invasive procedure that can be woefully incomplete and inaccurate. Depending on the type of tumor, biopsies can take months, cost tens of thousands of dollars and give an incomplete view of tumor heterogeneity.
Using specialized, proprietary biotechnology and machine learning computational algorithms, we detect the cell-free DNA using real-time sequencing. Our specialized pipeline is able to detect novel mutations, copy number variations and translocations that allow us to accurately diagnose many different types of cancer and the best potential treatment course based on the complete genetic composition of the whole tumor.


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