Low Visibility Stealth Video Drone

Invisdrone is passionate about bringing to market the world’s first “invisible drone” and is working hard to become the leader in low visibility / stealth drones.
Invisdrone is researching & developing the world’s first low visibility drone
Invisdrone is building our team and making prototypes for test flights
Invisdrone is launching the start-up and creating a new “invisible drone” for multiple markets
Invisdrone is valuable to the world because it offers a solution for people who require a low visibility / stealth drone with video and photo capability
Invisdrone is building on already successful designs and using best in breed components to create a truly state-of-the-art “invisible drone”
Invisdrone is patent pending and markets include: homeland security, personal security, police and law enforcement, military applications, commercial video / photography and recreational use for “stealth” missions. More information is available at www.invisdrone.com or email: [email protected]


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