The knowledge hub for web content.

Linkapedia is an AI curated encyclopedia and thesaurus of web content delivering general web information on a vast number of subjects. Like traditional encyclopedias our users need little or no prior knowledge to explore subject areas of interest. Information is machine extracted from inside web sites and tailored to the user's interests. They don't need to open links to know and can scan many sources at once without leaving our site. Pictures with information help users navigate knowledge in fun flip board format on smart phones. Users find information by:
1. Browsing general knowledge covering millions of topics.
2. Following content directories from their favorite magazines, blogs or sub-Reddits.
3. Looking up words to see topics of interest to them..
Normal transactional keyword search is also supported.
We provide publishers with directories of their content.and create in-native ads targeting users they serve..

Our business model is ad revenue based.


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