Inboard Action Sports

Technology that flows

Inboard Action Sports creates rideable, lightweight electric vehicles for commuters and recreational users alike. We turn everything from the workday commute to a trip to the corner store into the best part of your day!
Our first product, the M1™ Electric Skateboard, has been designed by engineers and athletes to look and feel like a traditional skateboard. We achieved this through our patent pending Manta Drive™; a brushless motor inside each rear wheel powered by a replaceable battery inside the deck. Placing the motors inside the wheels eliminates the friction caused by the dive belts and gears used in other electric skateboards. The Manta Drive creates the "glide", which sets the M1 apart from all of our competitors.
Combine that with our global community of App users sharing and competing on miles ridden, fastest routes taken, gallons of gas saved and carbon footprint reductions achieved and you can see why so many customers have gotten on board with Inboard!


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