Birddogs Shorts

Lululemon for 20-something men.

Over the past decade, yoga pants replaced jeans as the casual uniform of choice for women because they did a better job of making a them feel more comfortable and confident. This phenomenon caused the activewear market to more than quadruple to $50B, with an additional $50B in growth projected by 2020. In parallel, men are beginning to buy their own clothes for themselves as more dollars move online. Figuring out how to sell the emerging male buyer activewear that makes him more comfortable and confident is a recipe for a $1B brand.
Birddogs is the first brand to get men to wear athletic shorts like women wear yoga pants. Besides being the most comfortable article of clothing he has ever worn, our brand content makes him more confident and allows us to market to him profitably online. Our weekly newsletter and social media content are forwarded and liked 10x more than any men's brand allowing us to market to men for 10x less.



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