Nano Gas Technologies

Recover more oil

Nano Gas™ recovers additional oil and treats wastewater brought to the surface from oil wells by infusing Nano Gas™ bubbles. "The biggest output of the U.S. oil and gas industry is not oil or gas but dirty water" (produced water). "Every day, U.S. oil and gas producers bring 60 million barrels of" produced water to the surface. Oil well operators generally use gravity and settling time at tank batteries to separate the oil from the wastewater and remove grit (suspended solids). The oil is sent to refineries.
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The remaining wastewater is injected back into the oil field or trucked to disposal wells for disposal. Disposal well operators recover another 1/2% - 3% of oil per barrel of produced water with additional gravity separation methods. Tests showed that Nano Gas™ collected an additional .6% of oil from separated water samples using Nano Gas™ bubbles. This is equivalent to 18 additional barrels of oil per day at a 3,000 barrel/day disposal well.


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