Quicker, easier, more comfortable colonoscopies.

We have developed an innovative, non-invasive, single-use device (the ColoWrap) that makes colonoscopies more comfortable for patients and quicker and easier for physicians and staff. The ColoWrap generates broad lower abdominal compression, and focused compression to the sigmoid colon to prevent the common complication known as looping. Looping is the primary cause of patient discomfort and prolonged and incomplete colonoscopies. Current measures to address looping contribute to high rates of work-place injury among endoscopy nurses and techs.
Colonoscopy remains the gold-standard screening procedure for colorectal cancer and there are over 17 million colonoscopies performed each year in the U.S. alone. Nonetheless, nearly 1/3 of adults aged 50 and older are non-compliant with screening recommendations. We aim to make a meaningful positive impact on the screening compliance rate by improving the experience of colonoscopy for patients and providers alike.


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