Special Learning, Inc.

Using technology to bring quality Autism and ABA intervention to the world

Fact 1: There are an estimated 70 million people in the world with Autism; less than 10% have access to quality training and intervention.
Fact 2: Autism is a multi-billion dollar industry.
Fact 2: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the only science-based intervention method proven to work. 

Fact 4: Special Learning has a solution!

Two greatest barriers to ABA access are (1) lack of ABA Health Delivery Platform to deliver virtual ABA intervention, and (2) severe shortage of qualified individuals properly trained to implement ABA therapy.
Our solutions are:   
(1) A proprietary ABA delivery platform and methodology called ABA Health Delivery System. System that enables full implementation of ABA programming from skills assessment, implementation, data collection and ongoing supervision.
(2) Series of best-in-class ABA training to create the next generation of ABA practitioners using superior content and proprietary ABA Training Delivery System.
(3) ABA Kick-start program


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