Real-time task tracking and project management for creative team

HiveFlux is a smart tool for task-management and team collaboration that gives a real-time overview of what everyone in a team is working on.
HiveFlux provides a central console that gathers all projects, tasks, files, calendar events and time tracking. Users can edit all these items on the spot and also check past progress. By including time estimates and final completion times, it provides all the tools necessary for managers to balance the daily workload of their team.
While most project management tools on the market today provide a way to assign tasks, they fail to give any information about what is happening in real-time. You either know someone hasn’t done a task yet or that they’ve finished it. HiveFlux notifies you the instant team members’ start working on their tasks, when they take a break and when they’ve finished it. It provides a weekly birds-eye view of how busy everyone in your team is, helping you balance their workload.
HiveFlux was designed around people and not projects. This means that you can always get a global view of all the projects the company is involved in real time, and how they affect each individual’s workload on a daily and weekly basis.


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