Panna is the Award-Winning Video Cooking Magazine

Recently launched Simmer is a user-generated content platform for discovering, creating, and sharing step-by-step video recipes. Simmer enables publishers, culinary content creators, and the everyday home cook to use their iPhone camera to capture each step of their recipe in :30 second timeframes, to force the content creator to prepare their recipe in advance, as well as keep the published version in an easy to consume format. Simmer offers its users a seamless UX/UI for easily browsing and following along video recipes.
Panna is a bimonthly video cooking magazine featuring accomplished chefs, for the iPad, iPhone, and web. The magazine is intended to provide passionate home cooks with highly-curated recipes they can accomplish perfectly at home. Panna has been selected by Apple as one of the Bests Apps of 2012 & 2013.
You can experience the magazine at https://pannacooking.com/magazine/


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