Research,Trading, Management & Reporting of Hedge & Private Equity Funds

The mission of Simplify LLC is to deliver a simple yet robust suite of web-based software solutions to transform, modernize and democratize the alternative fund and private equity ecosystem, and in doing so, claim and maintain the largest global market share in terms of users and revenue within the alternative investment and private fund markets.
Today, there are industry-dominating solutions that support the public securities and exchanges, and while there has been some recent interest in the market to deliver state of the art software-based solutions to the private equity and alternative investment market, the solutions are fragmented, incomplete and don't embrace the longer-term mission of delivering an end-to-end global marketplace platform to the industry in the same way that eBay and PayPal did over a decade ago.
Simplify will delliver a suite of solutions that focus on efficiency, ease of use, data quality, analytics, reporting, customer value & most importantly: liquidity.


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