Glide Cruisers, USA

Electric-Drive Stand Up Cycles Clean Technology Product

Glide Cruisers designs and manufactures an innovative line of electric-drive stand-up cycles for short-range personal transportation. Positioned in the consumer / recreation markets and the police / patrol markets, Glide products are super easy to ride with a low center of gravity. Our patented frame system provides a 6 foot long wheel base supporting stability at higher speeds yet allowing great agility in turns. For consumer applications, Glide offers a short-range commute solution that's also handy for running errands or just out having fun. Our G2 series cruisers for police / patrol applications are an excellent zero emissions solution for short-range patrols, special events and private security. Our patrol products compete with Segway and T3 and have proven to be an excellent cost-saving solution. www,glidepatrol.com


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