Crowdsourced Recruitment Marketplace - 99Designs for Staffing Industry

Jobhuk.com is the Recruitment Marketplace for Hiring Smart Talent.
Jobhuk enables employers to crowd-source their recruitment efforts in an open marketplace, facilitating interaction with independent recruiters, staffing agencies and everyday people who are incentivized to recruit on behalf of the employer.
Employers: Fast, High Quality and Cost-Effective Recruitment. Engage reputable independent recruiters, staffing agencies and everyday people around the world to find the right candidates for your company. Post Jobs for Free and Pay only upon a Successful Hire.
Independent Recruiters & Staffing Agencies: Redirect time consuming and costly sales efforts into what actually makes you money – placing candidates. No paperwork. Hassle-free process. Guaranteed payments. It’s just that simple.
Everyday People: Make your vast Facebook, LinkedIn, and other networks work for you. Refer people you know to open positions and get paid with just a few clicks. No previous experience required!


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