Solegear Bioplastics

High-performance natural plastics.

Solegear is a developer and distributor of high-performance bioplastics, which are a category of plastics that are bio-based, compostable, or both.
Solegear designs its products based on two distinct patent-pending bioplastic resin brands: Polysole® and Traverse®:
- Polysole is a bio-based and compostable brand of bioplastic materials that can be used in thermoforming and injection molding applications for rigid packaging.
- Traverse is a brand of engineered, bio-based plastics that maximize bio-based content to displace petroleum-based, synthetic ingredients for rigid packaging and durable product applications. Traverse products are not compostable.
Solegear's principal market is the North American market for rigid packaging and durable consumer goods, primarily in the United States. Solegear sells its products to medium- and large-sized companies both as finished goods and as intermediary products for further processing (such as rolls of plastic sheeting or plastic pellets).


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