Playbrush makes brushing teeth fun.

Playbrush makes brushing teeth fun.
Most kids & grown-ups hate brushing their teeth, as it is one of the most annoying and boring daily routines. Parents experience annoying discussions while motivating their kids to brush. Also, most people do not brush regularly, long-enough and accurately which leads to frightening dentist appointments and increased treatment costs. 
Playbrush is developing a smart hardware gadget to make brushing teeth fun. This add-on connects easily to conventional toothbrushes and transforms those into mobile gaming controllers. So kids and young-at-hearts can play fun & instructional mobile games while brushing. Playbrush is developing both the proprietary hardware and the mobile games for iOS and Android.
Using Playbrush kids and adults start enjoying one of the most annoying daily routines and improve their oral hygiene. Parents motivate their kids easily to brush and save a lot of expensive treatment costs.


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