WPDASH is a multifunctional manager for unlimited WordPress sites. A great tool to rule them all and control every single element of them. One dashboard system to manage multiple WordPress sites improves and speeds up the management of the sites, commentting and posting. We have prepared the option of automatic WordPress backup and upgrading plugins and different WordPress themes. One of the useful features is website monitoring that shows how long domains of customers are unavailable. Integration with Rocketips, Mention and Majestic SEO allow for social media monitoring and check the number of inbound links. Our WordPress sites management was included in broken link checker. Cooperation with Rublon guarantees double protection of your access to the management panel sites. Wpdash protects your domain against malware and hacker’ attacks. It scans website automatically for malware and repairs infected files. WPDASH was created special for bloggers, marketing agencies, webmasters and SEO specialists who are basing on their work on WordPress sites. Our Saas tool allows your customers to manage their time, money wisely and makes their work more efficient! WPDASH is a very young project and we are preparing to open Beta test for our Users now. We are very proud of the current number subscribers who want to test our tool. Now we have over 1000 test users and the figure is still growing! We are receiving dozen of e-mails from people who are interested in our new SaaS tool. The start of WPDASH beta test is planned for the mid-October 2014.



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