Wholesome chef made dinners delivered daily

Balancing work, a social life and children can make it difficult to put a proper dinner on the table every day. Takeaway and supermarket meals are unhealthy while dining out can get costly.
OneFineMeal is London's first proper dinner delivery. Order wholesome dinners personally prepared by London's top up-and-coming chefs and delivered to directly to your door every weekday betwee 5-9pm.
Never get bored with our daily rotating menu as our chefs offer new signature dishes daily from a variety of cuisines, all sourced from local farms around London. Organic when possible, never with air miles!
Our mission is to create the most personal and wholesome dinner delivery in the world. With OneFineMeal you can finally serve a guilt-free gourmet dinner in just a few minutes. Enjoy chef service at takeaway cost!


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