Floating Apps

MoneyBall of BtoB Sales (Big Data applied to Sales activities)

Floating Apps is a Big Data SaaS to optimize Sales activities.
Our Big Data platform captures all activities (emails, calendar, phone logs, social sites) and process them to show the real picture, with key metrics and suggested actions.
Our first app “Auto-Magic Sync” offers Google Apps - Salesforce.com integration at the company level. Sales executives hate manually inputting their data into their CRM. This data already exists in their emails, calendar, phone logs, Auto-Magic Sync imports it and sync-es it.
Our next app “Timelines” gives a simple, intuitive view on the full life of each account. It enables Sales VPs to make data-driven decisions rather than focusing on intuition.
Future apps will take advantage of our collection of data to provide metrics and predictive analytics to further improve Sales Performance.


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