Options Away

Redefining Flexibility in Travel

Options Away (fka BitBend) revolutionizes the way people research, plan and book travel by providing a level of flexibility not yet available in today's travel booking life cycle. Options Away leverages the concepts and technologies of the financial options markets and applies them to the travel industry; giving consumers the ability to hold a flight for a period of time while they finalize their travel plans. Backed by multiple patents in the airline options space, Options Away markets directly to travel planners with a low-cost item (Option) that can help inspire travel and motivate a buying decision. Partner airlines can sell an option on their seats, thus leading with a much lower cost item than the traditional airline reservation process. Finally, partners such as OTAs, meta-search, travel technology providers and travel planning sites can offer value add via integration with the Options Away pricing and option management system or through the licensing of our patent portfolio.


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