Smart, personalized daily digest emails

Knowtify.io allows mobile and web app makers to quickly & easily create any highly personalized, automated, recurring emails that drive hight levels of user engagement. We enable users to build the smartest emails anywhere.
Without Knowtify, creating these types of emails is a 5-12 week internal engineering project that creates an email program that can't easily be maintained, iterated upon, measured, and/or optimized to drive better user engagement.
Knowtify eliminates the need for this internal engineering project while enabling the people responsible for driving user engagement to easily create, manage and measure these email digests.
Knowtify allows for:
> Simple data integration
> Elegant email creation - non-technical people can create smart, beautiful digest emails
> Intelligent email building. Set rules & insert dynamic data to create highly personalized emails
> Easy scheduling - set emails to be sent on recurring, automated schedule
> Email engagement analytics


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