Announcing Logins, Points and Stars

It's always good to have your own personal space. Like a cubby in preschool, it feels good to collect your things and be able to go back to them.

For this reason, we are excited to announce logins. You can now log into your your StartupTabs account using your twitter login.

Another feature in this update is points. Each visit you make to a page gives you one point. You'll see these rack up quick inside of your account. These points are powerful. With each point, you can give a website a star. You can give every startup as many stars as you want, as long as you have points to give. You should give stars to the companies and projects that you really like. We will keep track and share your interest to the startups.

These new features will roll out in the next update, so be sure your extension is running the latest version.

Get started by logging in from the button on the side bar, if it's not there, you're probably already logged in.

Also, don't forget to subscribe for StartupTabs updates.