online platform for the development of blockchain projects

The “ISOTIS” platform offers a unique solution – the ability for any organization to control employees, finances and business processes through an integrated platform that is protected by cryptographic keys. This will allow:
- to reduce labor costs for accounting and management accounting by 80%;
- to eliminate the loss and distortion of commercial information;
- to make all company data available to the manager in online mode.
This system is in the process of implementing by the world’s largest banks and international organizations, for example, blockchain technologies are implemented in the network of UN offices.
“ISOTIS” is currently beginning a preliminary sale of its internal currency – “KIT” tokens.
Participation in the project at an early stage will allow investors to purchase the project’s internal currency with a 50% discount and become part of the ISOTIS international team.
More information about the project can be found on the official website isotis.ws


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